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Новозеландский фотобанк keyimagery ответил на мой запрос. Ответили не очень быстро, но обстоятельно.

Q: Can I upload my files on Your site?
A: Yes of course. KeyImagery is a micro-stock agency based in New Zealand in the South Pacific, and we like to specialised in images from the Oceanic region, but we accept images from all around the world for our stock image and illustration catalogue.

Q: What are the topics of work are preferred?
A: KeyImagery accepts photography and illustrations for all topics and subjects, but we are currently screening images of flowers, sunsets and pets/animals as we have plenty of these in our catalogue and they are not big sellers.

Q: How big are the base image?
A: We have a minimum size requirement of 1700px (on the shortest side) for bitmap images (photos and raster illustrations) and no size limitation for vector illustrations. Images submitted under the minimum size requirement are declined by our system automatically after upload.

Q: Do you work with Moneybookers?
A: Sorry, but we do not deal with Moneybookers. We prefer to use the international payment system PayPal for our online credit card facilities and member payout transactions.

Q: What is the minimum amount for request payment?
A: With KeyImagery, the minimum amount for request of payment is NZ$50 which is roughly equivalent to US$38. Your commision payouts can be sent to you via cheque or to a nominated PayPal account.

Q: Do you have a referral program?
A: Yes, KeyImagery has an on-going referral programme. Refer a member to KeyImagery and you will receive 5% from the value of every stock image that person buys or sells, for as long as you remain a member.

Как обнаружилось, Moneybookers не поддерживает новозеландские доллары, потому вывести деньги можно только через PayPal. Payoneer как вариант они не приняли.
В общем, не сошлось. А логотип у них красивый был)

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