пятница, 20 мая 2011 г.

aboutpixel - суровые немцы

Немецкий сайт aboutpixel удивил своим молчанием. Хотя все указывает на то, что ресурс живой.

То ли саппорту не нравится, что я обращаюсь на английском, то ли им не нравится обсуждать возможность выплаты роялти не на PayPal. Даже после регистрации на сайте, ответа я не получил.

Для тех, кому может повезет больше, чем мне, ссылка на контакты:

Саппорт мне так и не ответил. Но зато сразу же после своей регистрации я стал получать спам от какой-то мисс Хелены. Думаю, не стоит связываться с конторой, которая не в состоянии следить за теми, кто у них зарегистрирован.

upgrade 08.06.2011:
Саппорт прислал ответ на письмо от 20 мая. Наверное, очень загружены.
Добросовестно привожу ответы. Возможно, пригодятся.

Q: What is the principle of your site?
A: aboutpixel.de/aboutpixel.com is a database with free, royalty-free images with all kinds of photo subjects. The community consists of more than 124,000 professional and semi-professional photographers as well as talented hobby photographers who are dedicated and crazy about photography. The membership is 100% free. Each day will be credited 5 FreeCredits to your account, enabling you to download standard license images each and every day. Once you’ve used up all your daily credit, simply visit our shop to buy additional PayCredits. The range goes from 15 to 100 euros and the larger the package, the greater your reward in credits (10 credits cost app. 1 euro).
No subscription, no standard fees, just photo fun!

Q: You work as a microstock?
A: That´s right. But we want to be more than "just" a database – our mission is above all to enable users to exchange creative ideas. This is why you’ll find all the latest news about aboutpixel and photography in our blog.
In our forum, you’ll find answers to all your key questions, while in the shoutbox, you can exchange ideas with other users, and in the community, see all the latest photo comments and guestbook entries.

Q: Can I upload my files on Your site?
A: Yes of course. In general, you may upload anything legally and visually clean. Sunsets, your pets and vacation pictures should remain on your own computer since we have a wide selection of those already in our archive.

Q: What are the topics of work are preferred?
A: Our downloaders are interested in different kind of topics and profit from our high-quality image archive. You can search by specific subject such as Nature and Landscapes, People, Architecture or Business.

Q: Do you work with Moneybookers or Payoneer?
A: We work with PayPal, an online payment service that you can use to pay securely, easily and quickly in online shops – all free of charge. But other payment methods, for example creditcard, are also possible to use.

If you want to learn more about aboutpixel, please visit www.aboutpixel.com/tour

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